Amelan Skin Peels Treatments

Amelan Skin Peels Treatments


Specifically for the treatment of pigmentation problems – particularly those experienced by some women following pregnancy – an Amelan peel uses an acid that is found in Japanese Sake and shitake mushrooms, to re-new the surface of the skin in a way that eliminates the pigment problem.


An excellent peeling system for those skins with pigmentation problems.


This effective system is particularly useful for hormonal induced pigmentation, for example, Melasma or Chloasma and for those skins showing signs of pigmentation due to environmental or sun damage.

The peel uses a safe and stabilised form of Kojic Acid that is found in the Shitake mushrooms (and the main ingredient in Japanese Sake), to re-new the surface of the skin in a way that eliminates the surface pigmentation problem. The peel also rejuvenates the skin, helping to refine pores, clear up sebaceous secretions and soften lines and wrinkles.


Skin looks clear, smooth and revitalised after this peeling process is completed.

A 95% improvement in abnormal pigmentation will be seen with this peel.


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